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 ♦ Welcome

In 1999, CCMO-Center for Youth and Families was founded as a collaboration between Don Bosco Hall, Ennis Center for Children Inc, and Spectrum Human Services, Inc. realizing that just like our families, we needed to find a collective voice to ensure sustainable change. Over the years we have begun to see change within our youth, families, and communities with the belief that together we can begin to eliminate the prevalence of juvenile crime, gangs, and drugs in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park, Michigan.

CCMO-Center for Youth and Families is committed to working with each neighborhood to improve the lives of our children. It is these individual neighborhoods that have relied on their unique strengths and resources to combat the effects of the declining economy, increase in neighborhood blight, and numerous other forces that seem to want to keep our children and communities from surviving. We are committed to continuing to work with our communities to create neighborhoods where families not just survive but they thrive and are safe, clean, and nurturing by:

  • Developing partnerships with community organizations, schools, churches/mosques, parents and others;
  • Assessing and identifying local needs, resources, and priorities to target high-risk youth and juvenile offenders;
  • Developing and implementing locally-based strategies of integrated prevention to target youth violence;
  • Coordinating activities in local communities by linking law enforcement efforts, with economic entrepreneurship, youth development, and informed and improved schools.
  • Assisting the private sector and local governments in forming partnerships by identifying local, state, and federal resources that are committed to promoting public/private partnerships.

 ♦ Board

BOARD of Directors

V. Gail Simpson, Madam Chairman
VGS Consultants

Antonio Pitts
Green Grove Church

Gale Frase
Ennis Center for Children Inc

Phil Stadler
Northwestern Mutual

Kari Klinski
Spectrum Human Services, Inc.

 ♦ Team

Alisha May-Lyte, Chief Executive Officer

has experience working at CCMO – Center for Youth & Families since April, 2005. She began as a Case Manager, Supervisor, to Director and now leading the agency into the future with the mantra “growing the agency.”

Message from the Boss!

I have dedicated my career to helping families help themselves and being a strong supporter of reducing recidivism rates. As CEO, I appreciate you learning more about the programming operations of CCMO. We take pride in providing quality services in our communities: Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park. Our dedicated staff are building bridges with an end result of helping our clients. Thank you to our staff, Board of Directors, partner agencies Ennis Center for Children Inc and Spectrum Human Services Inc., Providers, client families and most importantly the growing network of community supporters.

 ♦ Team

Privacy Practices:

  • A copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices is available here

Guided by an individualized service plan, we provide each child with services in accordance to his or her needs The individualized service plan includes:

  • Ensuring that the child receives services in the least restrictive, home-like setting
  • Providing each child services in accordance to his or her changing needs
  • Working with community partners in early identification and intervention of at-risk youth
  • Delivering a continuum of care by delivering services in concert with grass roots organizations, the faith community, schools, local law enforcement and the courts
  • Being sensitive and responsive to cultural differences and special needs by providing service without regard to race, religion, national origin, sex or physical disability

CCMO-Center for Youth & Families provides the following continuum of services to our youth and families:

  • Case Management Services
  • Youth Assistance Program
  • Community-Based Treatment Services
  • Home-Based Treatment Services
  • Day Treatment Programs
  • Specialized Foster Care and Group Care
  • Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Integrated Service Delivery System
  • Probation Services
  • Wrap Around Services
  • Advocating for Culturally Diversed Programs and Services
  • Specialized Residential Treatment Services
  • In School Suspension Program (2008 - 2018)
  • Educational Services
 ♦ Mission
CCMO-Center for Youth and Families
Mission: Create solutions through community partnerships and resources to enrich the lives of youth and families.

In keeping with this philosophy, Center for Youth and Families remains dedicated to these guiding principles:

Guiding Principles
  • Speaking with Honesty
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Always striving for Quality
  • Respecting Diversity leads to possibilities
  • Teamwork creates solutions
  • Creating opportunities and rewarding Innovative Thinking
  • Treating our youth and families with Respect
 ♦ Programs
Youth Prevention Programs

Targeted Population

All middle school and high school youth referred by a teacher, school counselor/administrator, and/or parent/guardian. Faith- based institutions are also eligible for services.

Array of Services

CCMO-Center for Youth & Families is committed to helping our youth succeed by the reduction of youth crime, youth violence, youth substance use, and youth trauma by providing prevention/early intervention services to youth who are at risk. The CCMO-Center for Youth & Families offers several youth programs such as Violence Prevention, Substance Abuse Prevention/Trauma, Gambling Prevention, and our signature Youth Assistance Program (YAP). Youth will receive one or more of the following weekly interventions:
  • Conflict Resolution / Anger Management
  • Aggression Replacement Training
  • Substance Abuse Prevention / Intervention
  • Trauma Awareness
  • Individual / Group Counseling
  • Anti-Bullying / Violence Prevention
  • Tutorial (math and science tutoring also available)
  • Job Readiness / Career Exploration
  • Mentoring (individual or group)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Recreational / cultural activities
  • Case Management
  • Improving Decision Making
  • Social Skills
  • Refusal Skill
  • Field Trips
  • Transportation Assistance and much more

For youth to be eligible to enter the programs they must be no older than 17 years old and no younger than 10 years old. Also eligible are you who are faced with the challenges defined below:
  • Youth who have been assigned to the Third Circuit Judicial Court - Family Division’s Informal Docket; pursuant to MCL 722.825(1); msa 25-243(55)(1)
  • Youth who have been referred to the program by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office and Assured Family Services (AFS).
  • At-Risk Youth - Juveniles as defined in the Wayne County Ordinance 96-86 [Revised] 2- 16-96.
  • Youth Serviced by Center for Youth & Families live in the Wayne County area.
Referral Sources
  • Diversion Referrals
    • Court Room
    • Prosecutor
    • Detroit Police Department
  • Community Referrals
    • Parent/Guardian
    • Youth Assistance Program Staff
    • High Schools
    • Churches
    • Youth Groups
    • Block Club Associations
  • Youth Community at Risk
    • Youth Assistance Program Staff

The mission of Center for Youth & Families is:
“Creating solution through community partnerships and resources to enrich the lives of youth and families”

The mission for community-based programing is:
“To provide services to youth and families that promotes growth, support, and education as well as identifies community resources that encourage positives social interaction.”
 ♦ Contact

Center for Youth & Families

New Center One, Suite 370
3031 W. Grand Blvd
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 875-2092
Fax: (313) 875-2192

 ♦ Donations

Your donations are greatly appreciated to CCMO – Center for Youth & Families. Your contributions will go towards the programs we offer our youth to assists them in their home, learning skills, creativity and positive direction for youth at risk. We thank you in advance for the support of caring individuals, like yourselves, who are eager to join in with others who want to make a difference in the lives of youth and families.